#9. Books

If you do not read you have no business writing.

Josef Miyasato

A Parable

Once there was a girl who loved to talk or blog. She could talk or blog for hours. She would do so about the things she knew and things she didn’t know, about the things she would know, and things she might know. She had a very important opinions. She would talk about life and your life. She would talk about wisdom as she saw fit. She was “just that deep”, to quote, “An_dycam” on Jan. 21, 2017 at 3:08am ET under her biweekly page, “A Post Dramatic Day.”

Once there was a man made out of books. He generally kept to himself. He liked to be out but when it rained he stayed in to keep dry. He was at least four decades old. When he was young he was popular. People who spent time with him got famous. He never did care about the spotlight though. In his old age less and less people paid attention to him. He hadn’t realized how sad this would make him feel.

When the girl saw him she got excited. She was eating a scone in the food court and he was looking for a new night-light. She jumped up and walked over to him. She was so young and beautiful that he got excited. He thought he had found a keeper. She spent the first two days reading his dust jackets and staring into his eyes. She especially liked the description on his shin. It read:

This book is a book about big ideas. It is a book of great importance. But it is made up of tiny questions. Some of the questions won’t make sense. Sometimes you will want to throw this book far from you. Go ahead, it’s okay to hurl it. But it won’t be long before you are picking it up and making it your friend again. You will want it to be your friend.

She gingerly opened his shin and began to read.

Hegel = Zeitgeist + Jung = Archetype + God = Omnipotence. God then prophets = foretelling/ prophecy. Here is a question. How does God have knowledge of instances that have not occurred? How can God predict with certainty, points that take up space and time when those points do not take up space and time? Does point B always follow point A? Does direction matter in a vacuum?  

The girl stopped reading and made a puzzled face. When she calmed down she found that she had a lot to say. No, she didn’t want to read anymore. She had read enough. Pretty soon, the dictionary (which was his brain), started to hurt. He was getting tired. He muttered some kind of excuse and walked off.

She visited the man a couple of more times during the month. Then she was gone. When she wrote about him in her blog, she said, he was peculiar. She liked that word. She said he was too introverted for her. But for some reason she dedicated her first book to him, which was written when her audience grew from 5,000 followers to 10,000 after she posted a picture of herself blowing bubbles, while sitting next to her dog.


If you are not reading and you plan on writing, or worse, you are writing a blog (and not reading), attempting to give shape to your reader’s ideas, please stop. You are doing a bad thing. You are going to hurt someone. You can talk all you want, but when you write, this is something else, entirely.

At the very least you owe it to your readership to read. How can a woman produce knowledge she has not acquired? How can a man love a child he has not sired? There is nothing wrong with being young and keeping a blog. But for the sake of Shakespeare and all things worthy, bury your head in a book.


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