#10. Passionate Love

No one loves your writing more than you do. You do not hate your writing, or even better, you are not agnostic towards your writing. Other people will always do both. If you don’t love your writing no one will. You do not want to become agnostic.

You are a writer for a reason. Maybe you don’t know why. Regardless, there is a reason. Have you ever tried to stop successfully? If you have then I am not talking to you because you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place. Or maybe you have stopped for a very long time. Maybe you got busy doing something else. Distraction is a real demon. But you’re here now. And now you must make a decision.

What’s your motivation?

When I met Fear he stuck out his fist. When I met Love she got out of my way.

The only thing that will sustain you in the long run is love. Love for your writing, for the reason you write, for the fact that you feel compelled to write, that is what you must cherish. And to cherish means not to neglect. To cherish means to love with ambition.

Why is writing so important? Why must we love it in the first place?

  • It is an access point to your inner sanctum.
  • It is an extension of your subconscious.
  • It is your talent.
  • It is your gift from God.
  • It is how you can serve.
  • It is how you can reach into hearts, across sanctuaries. From yours to theirs.
  • If you do not honor it a part of you can die.
  • It can enhance life.
  • You might be able to make a living.

Here’s the silver lining. You will know you are a writer when you either can’t stop, or always come back.

It is time to come back.

Come back to the love.






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